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Directions: Read the following texts from which five sentences have been removed. Choose from the sentences A—G the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (1—5). There are TWO extra sentences that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
Practice 1
1 ______ For this reason, there is a current boom in language learning for business people. But unless they can speak a foreign language really well, it is best to save it for socializing.
2 ______ And psychologists say that your body language is much more important than what you say. Doing the wrong thing, making eye contact, touching, using people’s first names, even how you eat and drink—can all be hazardous for people who are unfamiliar with certain cultures.
3 ______ In low context cultures such as North America, Britain, Sweden and Germany, people say things very plainly, and rely on clear verbal communication. High context cultures such as France, Japan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China and South Korea often use silence or hand signals to communicate, and this can sometimes be as important as speaking.
4 ______ In Japan, people bow to each other. In England, people shake hands firmly, but not very often—while in places like Italy and France people shake hands all the time but not as firmly as the English. The Germans and the Danish nod their heads while they shake hands, as a mark of respect, while people in Mediterranean countries sometimes lean their heads backwards while doing the same thing.
5 ______ For example, the British kiss each other once, on the right cheek, the French kiss each other twice, first on the left cheek and then on the right, but in some cultures, especially in the Middle East, they kiss up to four times and still shake hands!
[A] But actions speak louder than words.
[B] Trying to make people from other cultures feel comfortable can be confusing as well.
[C] One of the most important aspects of doing business internationally is being able to speak other languages.
[D] Some cultures communicate by using signals.
[E] Cultures are divided into “low context” and “high context”.
[F] Shaking hands is often the most common form of greeting people, but even this can create problems.
[G] As a rule, though, close physical greetings such as kissing are not a good idea.
1.C 空后说“因此,对商务人士而言,语言学习成为一种潮流”。C项讲的是“国际商务具备的一个重要方面就是讲外语的能力”。符合逻辑关系。故选C。
2.A 本段是讲肢体语言的作用。A项说“行动胜于话语”,与下文内容最为连贯,故选A。
3.E 本段分别提到在“low/high context cultures”环境下肢体动作和语言的差异和重要性。E项“Cultures are divided into “low context” and “high context”.”引出本段要讨论的两大文化环境下的交流差异,最能概括本段内容。故选E。
4.F 本段讲到不同国家握手时的差异。F项说“握手是同人打招呼的最常见的方式,但即使这样,也可能会出问题”能够概括本段大意。故选F。
5.G 本段提到不同国家亲吻礼的差别,表明即使是选择这种方式也不一定是好的选择。G项说“亲密的问候方式,比如亲吻,并非好主意”,可以作为本段中心句。故选G。


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Practice 1
Your TV set broke down only one week after it was brought. Write a letter of complaint to the store where your TV set was bought.
(1) to express what is wrong with your TV set
(2) to make your request(change for a new one, or return the broken one... )
(3) to urge the store to give an early reply
You should write approximately 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter. Use “Wang Lin” instead. You do not need to write your address and the date.
Dear Sir or Madam,
Last week I bought a TV set from your store. Unfortunately, your product was unable to work properly. It always stops working suddenly and the screen becomes blank. And it broke down this morning. To resolve the problem, I would like you to return my money back, or change a new set for me.
I’m looking forward to your early reply and a resolution to my problem, and I will wait a reasonable amount of time before taking this matter further.
Thank you for taking time to read this letter.

Wang Lin




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